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Mayor of Bandung, Ridwan Kamil, Presented Certificates to Students for Cee4life's Conservation, Compassion and Kindness to Animals Program

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Between the 24th – 27th October, Cee4life conducted another unique conservation, compassion and kindness to animals program with an aim to spread education to a wider audience on the needs of all animals and the reasons why we must be kind.

Since the end of the course on the 27th October, the new animal educators have been out and about talking with visitors to the zoo and many media outlets.  The media has been so very supportive on the journey of Bandung Zoological Gardens and have interviewed many of the educators.

The highlight of this journey so far has been to see so many people beginning to have a much better understanding on the very important role that animals play in nature and the environment and a very big shift in understanding that animals need to be treated with respect, kindness and compassion.

During this education journey, Cee4life was able to meet with the Mayor of Bandung, Ridwan Kamil, and speak about our efforts and seek permission for what we would like to do in Indonesia.  It was a joyful and positive meeting and such an extraordinary meeting on the common denominator – animals.

The Mayor of Bandung, Ridwan Kamil, agreed that when he time permitted that he would come to Bandung Zoological Gardens and present our new educators with their certificates.

DSCF4362 Zoo Educator


It was one of the best days ever at the zoo as not only was the elephants enclosure opened by the Mayor, the songbirds released back into the forests, but also the Mayor kindly presented all of our animal educators with their certificate of completion. 

We are so very thankful and grateful to see all these people from different organisations, government sectors, private sectors, animal organisations coming together to for just a good cause.

We thank the Mayor of Bandung, Ridwan Kamil, for trusting in us and the vision for a kind and more compassionate world for animals.

Cee4life would also like to thank:

Bandung Zoological Gardens


Taman Safari Bogor, and



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Education Program Update



Between the 24th and 27th of October 2017, Cee4life, in conjunction with Bandung Zoological Gardens, conducted the first “Animal Education Instructor”course at Bandung Zoo.

Via local radio, newspaper and communications with Universities in Indonesia, 17 personal were recruited and trained to deliver educational programs to be carried out both in the grounds of Bandung Zoological Gardens, and via a mobile classroom for multiple venues such as primary and secondary schools, Universities, business’s, tourism venues, etc.

The training included:

  • Public speaking
  • Planning presentation format
  • Demonstration and presentation
  • Communication skills in an educational setting
  • Safety proceedures
  • Presentation delivery in classroom
  • Presentation delivery in zoological gardens to public

IMG_20171024_135915          IMG_20171024_135948         IMG_20171024_135854  

Subject knowledge training included:

  • Species specific information
  • Scientific terminology and facts (and the breakdown into layman terms)
  • CITES listing (Convention on the International Trade of Endangered Species, Flora and Fauna) and protected status
  • Threats and solutions – species specific
  • Compassion and kindness to animals
  • Visitor conduct within a zoo environment

The  training was delivered in English and translated into Indonesian in real time in the classroom which was quite an extraordinary experience. The 17 recruits exceeded all expectations and have become an integral part of the ongoing educational programs in Bandung Zoological Gardens.  These programs have been designed by Cee4life (Conservation and Environmental Education 4 Life) to educate anyone who comes in contact with us, on the importance of animals on earth, the role animals play in keeping the environment healthy, the reasons why we must protect wild species and have compassion and kindness to all animals. 

The new educators have been supplied with a uniform by Cee4life and we will continue to provide support for all further items needed, in addition we are on call for mentoring and any learning needs.

We are very humbled by the inspirational group of new educators and how they are taking the message of kindness and compassion on board and sharing with all. 

A series of advanced animal and environmental programs has been designed and will be undertaken by these same recruits to further their knowledge base and share more vital information with everyone they come in contact with. 

Further programs paneled to be implemented by Cee4life with Bandung Zoological Gardens include:

  • First aid training
  • English classes
  • Safety (OH&S)
  • Volunteer zoo crew
  • Botanical ID team

We would like to acknowledge and thank the following organisations and departments in Indonesia for their welcome and support for our programs:

  • The Office of the Mayor of Bandung City
  • Bandung Zoological Gardens Management and Staff
  • Taman Safari Bogor
  • PKBSI (Perhimpunan Kebun Binatang Se-Indonesia) Indonesia Zoo and Aquarium Association
  • The University of Jakarta
  • The University of Bandung
  • The people of the City of Bandung, Indonesia

The Bandung Education Team – (Cee4life and Bandung Zoo staff)

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Onward for the Animals!


“There are many types of action that helps protect animals and the environment, some are more hardcore than others. Ground level action comes in many forms and all are challenging. We need to protect and stop the spiraling extinction of species, the devastation of forests and oceans, and minimise other destructive acts committed against nature. We need the animals and we need to understand why. Education is a major key which enables people to make that connection”.  Sybelle Foxcroft – Founder Cee4life

Some methods of protection action include:

  • Anti poaching units
  • On ground aid to people living in wildlife habitat areas, preventing human/animal conflict
  • Animal rescue in your local area or international support
  • Pollution and litter advocacy
  • Engaging Governments for change of animal protection laws
  • Attending organised marches
  • Becoming Vegan or Vegetarian
  • Journalism/blogging/writing about animals, and many more

One of the most effective ways to prevent impact upon animals and the environment is to apply direct education on ground.


Cee4life (Conservation and Environmental Education 4 Life) is an Australian organisation.  We are very fortunate to have an education system that affords virtually anyone accessibility for those who seek studies. Other countries are not so fortunate. Australia still has many animal and environmental problems and thankfully there are a good amount of organisations working vigilantly on these problems. Our work in Australia has been mainly focused in the marine sector including beach clean up and education to the local fishing communities regarding correct disposal of fishing lines and other items that harm marine species.  We have provided aid to injured native wildlife, humane street cat population support (rescue and re home), support to dog shelters and helped with domestic and farm animals. In 2016, we began to publish delicious vegan recipes on our social media sites to encourage people to choose this healthy and humane lifestyle. This simple choice saves the lives of thousands of animals while increasing your own physical well being. We will continuing to publish recipes and encourage this humane lifestyle choice. 


Our international protection and rescue support has focused on the Asian countries of Indonesia and Thailand, and further into India.  Cee4life has also helped with many animal and environmental situations in other various countries including USA and Kenya.  Information on these can be found here –

Numerous negative impacts upon animals or the environment is almost exclusively due to human actions. In many of the cases that we have been involved with, there is one factor that is commonly missing. That factor is there has never been any substantial animal or environmental education available and therefore there is little understanding of the effects human actions have on nature. 

Cee4life’s goal is to help change that by providing educational programs to where ever we can.

Education – A Key to Protection

Little girls 2 for website

Education has the potential to stop up and coming poachers, to stop animal abuse, to save habitat, to create a network of protectors in some of the most environmentally impacted areas and to protect what is left of wildlife, and most importantly, education can ignite compassion and inspire people to care more.  When people care, they will walk more gently on the earth.

Cee4life has designed a very unique education program the encompasses topics such as : the role of animals and the environment, the impact of poaching, the emotional lives of animals, the awakening of human compassion for animals, saving animals with dietary change (vegan), biodiversity and ecosystem function and much more.  These programs will be available to everyone, young to old, in any type of location (classrooms, villagers, public, etc).

We have been very fortunate to secure a base in Indonesia at Bandung Zoo.  Our aim is to filter these programs across Asia, and wherever else we can.  Teaching compassion towards animals and protection of the environment is very needed and from previous programs we have implemented, we have seen amazing and ongoing results. All it takes is the willingness to try and Cee4life has plenty of that!

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