Our Vision Our Values

Our Vision

We, as humans, strive to live in
a compassionate world,
enriched with biodiversity,
in harmony with each other and with wildlife.

Everyone, as global citizens from all backgrounds, must live with awareness that wildlife, biodiversity and environmental sustainability is vital to both humanity and the health of Planet Earth.


Our Values

We believe in the values of compassion, awareness, education, engagement and diplomacy. We will endeavour to work with governments, corporate organisations, schools, zoos and communities to educate and train people in ethical animal care and conservation.

We unite to give a powerful voice for our endangered animals, advocating for their rights and for their value to us without being killed, maimed or caged inhumanely. We work hard to expose incidences of illegal wildlife trade, malpractices in wildlife care and corporate abuses to threatened species and habitats.

We acknowledged that many incidences of malpractice or abuse take place because of lack of knowledge and awareness. We therefore endeavour to engage and offer our services of education and training, at the grassroots level to the corporate and national-international level.

In cases of blatant animal and wildlife abuse through greed or malice however, we will stand strong and united in exposing the truth and to seek justice, remediation and rehabilitation for those affected animals.