Who We Are


Cee4Life is a grassroots Not-for-Profit Organisation with a diverse portfolio covering important missions to do with wildlife protection, conservation, environment and education primarily in Australia, the Asian region, and globally elsewhere when possible.

We are based in Victoria Australia, set up and founded by our president, Michelle Cogley, an animal behaviour and welfare specialist, and veterinary nurse, and Sybelle Foxcroft, an expert in wildlife protection, environmental management and animal care, ethics and welfare. Both Michelle and Sybelle are multi-skilled, cross trained and qualified in multiple disciplines concerning wildlife, domestic and farm animals, environment and habitat.  

Cee4life has been called upon to aid animal situations across the world. From Australia to India, Thailand to Kuwait, Kenya to USA, there are not many regions around the earth where we have not assisted in one way or another.

One of the most important areas of work is our education programs/events. We firmly believe that people must be given the tools of knowledge, via education programs and participation events, to ensure there is a greater understanding and compassion towards animals, and why it is neccessary to protect earths animals and the environment. You cannot just go into rescue, protect an animal, or wish to restore wildlife corridoors etc, without educating and discussing why these things are warranted. Without education, the job is half done. 

We look forward to growing Cee4life to enable us to operate on ground all year round, combining rescues, environmental work and education to as far as we can reach. 

Our Ambassador is Melani, the Sumatran Tigress, whom Cee4life played an intricate role in her rehoming and rehabilitation.  Melani touched the hearts of millions of people around the world in her struggle to live. She remained so very graceful and displayed incredible strength of spirit in every step of her journey to a better life. Melani passed away peacefully after a long battle with her health problems obtained from her previous location. But while she lived, she inspired compassion and humanity to people around the world. Melani inspired and taught us to keep going even in the hardest of times.

The story of Melani – ABC Foreign Correspondent, Cry of the Tiger –  http://www.abc.net.au/foreign/content/2013/s3894606.htm 

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