Abuse of Kangaroo in Russian Circus



Photographs – Still shots from “Kangaroo Pink Tutu” link in below article.  Note back legs and front paws are covered, this is because the Kangaroo is upset and is attacking. Notice the Kangaroo using his incredibly strong tail to stand up and kick. If the back legs and front paws were not covered, the man being attacked would be ripped open.

To our horror, we became aware of a Kangaroo being abused, exploited, humiliated and used in a Russian circus, identified by a youtube viewer as the Nikulin Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoi Bulvar.  After viewing the video clip of a Kangaroo in a Pink Tutu and seeing the awful degrading behaviour, which encourages audiences to laugh and applaud at the clearly upset Kangaroo, we have now written to Moscow authorities to help.  We have found that the original video of the Pink Tutu was uploaded in 2014, and a statement beneath the video (all comments locked) which stated that they no longer use animals.

After further investigations we found more recent film clips of the use of either the same or another Kangaroo, along with a series of other animals including another Ostrich, Bison, Giraffes and many more endangered and protected species on a youtube site called –  Magic of Circus

Here are just two video clips of the abuse of the Kangaroo
Again under many of the videos there are disclaimers saying that they no longer use animals. We a suspicious of this.
While the use of animals in Circus performances is vile and outdated, we have great concern for all of the animals.
If in fact it is true that they no longer use animals, we want to know where these animals are now.
We have now requested Moscow to reveal the location of the Kangaroo/s, the health and safety status, and requested that we are allowed bring this/these long suffering Kangaroo/s back to their native home in Australia, to live out their days peacefully in a sanctuary.  We are awaiting the reply.
We highly suggest that all countries who’s native animals are being used in this/these circus’s, do the same and request to bring them back to their indigenous homes.
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