Abuse of Kangaroo in Russian Circus

See link – Abuse of Kangaroo in Russian Circus

Australian Fires Wildlife Search and Rescue Cee4life

Cee4life will be going on a deep forest search and rescue to try and find any wildlife that has survived the devastating Australian fires

Read more here – http://www.cee4life.org/wildlifesearchandrescue/

Ex Tiger Temple Killing Grounds to be Resurrected as a Rescue Center for " Street Cats and Dogs"

Pipi Many PS 4

Can the killing grounds of the ex Tiger Temple Thailand, be resurrected as a rescue center for street cats and dogs? 

Link – http://www.cee4life.org/ex-tiger-temple-killing-grounds-to-be-resurrected-as-a-rescue-center-for-street-cats-and-dogs/

86 Tiger Temple Tigers Dead

Punch 2

News broke on 14th September 2019 that 86 of the 147 tigers confiscated by the Department of National

Parks, Thailand are dead.

Link to article – http://www.cee4life.org/86-tiger-temple-tigers-dead/?fbclid=IwAR1AlL5dIl8lqr6wf0kabSwb6Unt6oiFtEc0enVtqsLcOzWRbCQWf1OIgu8

The Killing of the 193 Wombats and possible solution, Victoria, Australia

Wombat Victoria

Common/Bare-faced Wombat Victoria – Being treated for Mange

On the 28th July 2019, “The Age” media published a Fairfax/Nine investigative report on the alleged crime and corruption linked between Melbourne’s (Victoria, Australia) Crown Casino and a Chinese businessman named Tom Zhou.  Amongst a host of terrible things, the investigation revealed that Mr Zhou is “an international criminal fugitive, the subject of an Interpol red notice, and that he is/was supposed to be arrested immediately if he crosses a country’s border.”  Mr Zhou also happens to own a property in Victoria where he runs a hunting business for high rollers to shoot and kill one of Australia’s most iconic native Australian marsupials, the common/bare-faced wombats.

Read more here – http://www.cee4life.org/wombat-killing-193-possible-solution-victoria-australia/ 

For any further information please contact Cee4life 

Email: cee4lifeinc@outlook.com 

Phone: +61499276129

Collaboration between the City of Melbourne, Australia

and the City of Bandung, Indonesia




The growing relationship between the City of Melbourne, Australia and the City of Bandung, Indonesia continues after the signing of a Letter of Intent at an official function in the City of Bandung. Lord Mayor of Melbourne Sally Capp and Mayor of Bandung, Oded, signed off to continue building the relationship between Bandung and Melbourne in May 2019.

There are many similarities between the cities of Bandung and Melbourne and both cities will work together regarding the health of communities, technology advances, education , conservation and much more.

The meetings were attended by the Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Sally Capp and other Australia/Indonesia representatives, the Mayor of Bandung, Oded, and other Indonesian delegates, the Bandung Zoological Gardens management representatives and members of Cee4life. This is a historical event and Cee4life are honoured to have been a part of this union, due to our support to the renovations of Bandung Zoological Gardens and the implementation of education programs on conservation, kindness and compassion to animals and the environment.  


59786181_10156578175379751_1529725354921426944_o 59762701_10156579811599751_7879680471645290496_n 59884243_10156578538524751_1830537786227163136_n

We would especially like to thank the Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, who was the previous Major of Bandung City, and who had the vision and understanding of what could be possible when we stand united together for positive change and friendship.

21231343_10155175334619751_855927770381383424_n  DSCF4303 DSCF4349

Last but certainly not least, on Cee4life’s behalf, we must thank a beautiful very very old sun-bear named Kardit, who came into our lives in Bandung Zoological Gardens and opened the hearts of all involved. Kardit deserves a gold medal!

Peace, friendship, united together, acceptance and understanding is the recipe for positive and successful progress.

Kardit 2019

Kardit the Sun-bear, May 2019

Thankyou to all

The journey continues


The Killing of T1 Tigress: Maharashtra INDIA : A death for Forest Land Allotted for Corporate Industry?

On the 4th November 2018, headlines filled main stream media and social media around the world reporting that the female mother tigress of two, 9 month old cubs, T1 of Maharashtra ( labelled a so called man eater), was shot dead yesterday.   While some specific authorities in India may feel this is cause for celebration, the truth is it is a disgraceful farce and a tragic loss fueled by mass hysteria and the willingness of three pivotal men in positions of power to condemned Avni to death.  These men named by #LetAvniLive on the below picture are,

1) Mishra – who signed the orders to shoot Avni and other wildlife,

2) Shafath – the hunter contracted to kill her but failed, and his own son shot Avni down- illegaly,  and

3) Minister Mungantiwar who ensured Avni would be shot dead.

Avni                  T1 body

   Photo by #LetAvniLive                                                                                                                                          Photo by AFP from article https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/maneka-gandhi-slams-maharashtra-government-for-t1s-murder/articleshow/66503854.cms

This was without a doubt a witch hunt of epic proportions that rivals the proven frame job which was done on the male tiger T24 of Rathambhore, otherwise known as Ustad , (meaning expert or highly skilled).  Ustad who was named a “man eater” by highly suspect Ranthambhore authorities, was saved from the bullet after a raging world wide campaign, he was tranquilized, instead of the initial kill talk, and now lives in captivity at Sajjangarh zoo, innocent.. Tigress T1 of Maharashtra, affectionately known as Avni (meaning “The Earth”), was subjected to the same hysterical falsities that Ustad was.  On both occasions there was no absolute proof either one was responsible for any human deaths.

The tragic shoot to kill order on Avni annihilated the life of a mother tiger, leaving her two 9 month old cubs alone, but also in this “Coporate Allocated”the area is the father of these cubs and more animals.   The tragedy of Avni unfolded over an approximate 10 month period of time, where it was loudly said by the Maharashtra authorities that Avni killed 13 people, however there was no definitive evidence of this. These days in India, the word “man eater” is thrown around loosely at any given moment for a tiger that may be suspected of killing a human.

A true man eater is usually a tiger that is ill or injured. But although they may be ill or injured, they are still survival specialists through and through and the will take down the easiest prey in their weakened state. Humans are the weakest and easiest living being of all for a Apex predator. Then there is the fact that most tigers that kill humans are actually caused by humans illegally encroaching into the tiger habitat, and this fact doesn’t seem to matter too much to authorities and usually goes completely un-noticed. Another fact that goes virtually unnoticed is that so many people choose all by themselves to wander off into the forest homes of the tigers alone even when they know the dangers. Then there is the complete lack knowledge, (or ignorance or lack of care) by certain Government personal.  They know clearly there is a dire human over population situation with children being born into poverty.  Adults living in severe poverty giving birth to not one or two children, but up to 10 children born into poverty.  Human beings move like a bacteria, overtaking its host, in this case the earth.  The American Museum of Natural History has released a very telling video on this. Please watch – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUwmA3Q0_OE  If we stay on this path that we humans have been walking and destroying for all these years, all countries will eventually kill all wildlife and destroy all the environment, which humans need for our own survival.  Even now wars have broken out for water supplies.

From actions so far in India and many other countries, there seems to be little or no understanding or sheer ignorance of the link between the health of the environment and flourishing wildlife to the health and survival of humans in some Governments, corporations and some people. Its crushing devastation, and now with numerous cases of so called “man eater” tigers, the answer almost always is a bullet, no investigations needed, just a bullet.  The rapid condemnation and death of a Tiger labelled a “man eater, whether it is or not, is a long seen pattern in India.   For any tiger that has the misfortune of running into humans illegally encroaching and stealing from the tigers and other animals rightful homes, the Tiger will always be the one blamed for behaving natural when faced in its own home/territory.

In India, there is so few wildlife corridors for the tigers to move  (this also includes every other range state the tiger sub species occupies internationally) and there is an obvious zero political will to remedy this terrible situation.  India, who seems to reinforce proudly at any possible time they can, that their nation has the greatest numbers of tigers on earth, needs a massive wake up call.  With these repeated hysterical “man eater must die” situations being so frequent, India may very soon experience the loss of their greatest asset, the Royal Bengal Tiger.

From conservationists on the ground in India, the latest population count reported by the Government is said to be greatly exaggerated. Many believe there are only a maximum of 1000 Bengal Tigers left in India.

Avni did not need to die, but the authorities that damned her needed her to die.  It has come to light that Avni, her cubs, the father of the cubs and a few more animals are living in forest land that is allotted for corporate plans.

What this means is that any and all measures are taken to ensure that the animals occupying an allocated forest land for corporate measures must be removed in one way or another, and as we have all learnt from previous fake “man eater” episodes, there will be excuses and stories molded to fit the authorities real intentions, and the truth will be hidden.

In the case of Avni, in January 2018 it was said she killed someone. There was no proof of this.  However, the next reported killing by Avni was August 2018, and again there was no proof she did it.  THIS IS NOT THE ACTIONS OF A MAN EATER.   Yes, Avni has/had cubs, and yes of course she would be extremely protective of them, so the running story of hyping up her aggression is blatant propaganda. If a you posed a threat or danger to any mother’s children, whether they be human or animal, you will face the wrath of the mothers inbuilt protection instinct.   This also DOES NOT make Avni a “man eater” or “an abnormal aggressive tigress”.  It makes her normal.

But what about the illegal encroachment into the forest, what about the fact that there is no absolute proof that Avni killed these people, what about the other Tigers and animals living in this area?  Will we soon start hearing about another man eating tiger, or a man eating deer?? Yes it is that ridiculous and pathetic.

The Maharashtra Government showed no will to protect their critically endangered Royal Bengal mother Tigress, and they ensured she was killed.  The Maharashtra Government is also guilty of leaving two 9 month old cubs out in the wild.  Tiger cubs need to stay with their mothers for at least 18 months – 2 years to learn survival skills.  Right now, its looking very bleak for these cubs survival.

If this is allocated corporate land, what is the Maharashtra Government going to do with the rest of the Tigers and animals who live there?

Lets talk about the hunter called into shoot Avni –  an expert? I highly doubt this man Shafath is anything but expert. 10 months and he couldn’t dart her. Either he is a pathetic shot or he is plainly an inadequate marksman.

On the 19th of September 2018, Cee4life wrote to the Maharashtra Government offering our assistance to safely dart Avni and her cubs and help with creation of a large sanctuary for Tigers that were deemed either true dangerous tigers or the growing number of falsely accused tigers. Below is the letter that Cee4life wrote to the Maharashtra Government.

T1 letter to Maharashtra

We did not get a reply from them at all.  We can only imagine why, but this type of inaction only adds fuel to an already a burning bonfire.

Although there were massive protests to save Avni’s life from around the world and the wonderful work of the Indian conservationists, the Maharashtra Government were on a one way track mindset to kill Avni.

It is nothing less than a shocking, disgraceful tragedy with no conservation or protection value at all.

In a world when the entire population of all tiger subspecies is only approximately 3000,  Avni it seems, was killed for no other reason than the want and will of three men to frame and kill her.

We also sent a polite email to the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA), whom in the past had brilliant leaders who would act.  But now those leaders are gone, and the NTCA were not there for Avni either. Why?  They had the power to stop this but they didn’t.

This leaves an obvious question which quite frankly many already know the answer to:  Is there people in positions of authority that are so unqualified and irresponsible that the do not have the slightest understanding of the vital importance to protect the Apex predators and the critical role they play in the balance of the ecosystems?  Is there any understanding of any other animal and the forests and rivers of India? Or could it be that the allure of $$$ signs and lining pockets to ensure corporate allocated land goes ahead instead as a priority instead of protecting the last of the  critically endangered species (and law protected) and the last precious wildlife and forests of India?

The loss of Avni has the world grieving on so many levels.

Now we wait to see what will become of the two orphaned cubs and the rest of the Tigers and animals in this corporate allocated forest.

Meanwhile, the human overpopulation and mass poverty continues in the Indian forests – The Land of the Tigers


Medic contact – Cee4lifeinc@Outlook.com

Help protect animals from cyber criminals

tiger logo vector

Poachers, wildlife traffickers and cons are using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs and all forms of social media, and sometimes mainstream media, to track the location of where critically endangered animals are and the locations of  in-demand species used for the scientifically proven false fake traditional medicines.  These poachers, wildlife traffickers and cons also use social media platforms and some main stream media to locate critically endangered and in demand animals to  scalp their fur or other body parts for the misguided, ancient, outdated and uneducated belief that owning the fur of a tiger, the horn of a Rhino, the claws of a Lion, and countless more sickening things, gives them status. Cons latch onto stories in social media and create fake fundraising campaigns usually on fundraising sites where virtually no credential checking is required.  Cee4life will no longer be announcing locations of any wild animals that we aid until the safety of the animal is secured.  Be-careful, its a cyber crime jungle out there.  Read more at – https://www.cee4life.org/help-protect-animals-from-cyber-criminals/

Help protect animals from the cyber criminals #Stopanimalcybercrime

Here are a few links in how poachers, wildlife traffickers and con artists track animals on social media, blogs, mainstream media and more



Cyber Animal Case Studies - Case 1 - Diseased exotic animals and what you should know

Otter shower 2

Rescuing an otter from an illegal market? Right or wrong? Picture/film by Rebecca Rodriguez – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4xLG8m7too

There are many people in the world who would do anything to save an animal.  In most cases it is very normal for an animal lover to want to ease the suffering of an injured or abused animal that they may come across.  But there are some rules in regard to this. 1) Dont buy animals from known illegal black markets in foreign countries, and 2) Dont walk into foreign countries looking for an animal to save in a seedy venue.  The otter pictured above was in a hellish situation. Probably captured from the wild, kept in filthy conditions and fed incorrectly.  A desperate sight in deed. But should you acquire it? 

Link to article – http://www.cee4life.org/diseased-exotic-animals-and-what-you-should-know/

Two Years On: The Tiger Temple Tigers

Saifa 2b

Two Years On – The Tiger Temple Tigers
Recently, an article was published by an organisation named “For Tigers”. From information available, the formation of the “For Tigers” organisation occurred AFTER the Department of National Parks in Thailand confiscated the tigers from the notorious Tiger Temple in 2016. We feel that the public needs to know for transparency purposes who “For Tigers” is and who they consists of. “For Tigers” was created by ex tiger temple volunteers and other members. While an organisation like this is good in writing, we believe that their article deserves a response

Link to article – http://www.cee4life.org/two-years-on-the-tiger-temple-tigers/

Raju the Elephant - Sri Lanka


In March 2018, Cee4life were approached by a conservationist in Sri Lanka who was seeking aid to a wild elephant named Raju, who had been shot while foraging and those bullets were still lodged in his legs. After a myriad of logistical problems, Raju received the Veterinary expertise in June 2018.   The complex operation to remove the bullets would be done in late July 2018 by the brilliant Veterinarians from Four Paws.  Sadly, due to troubling circumstances occurring between 30th June 2018 – 2nd July 2018, Raju passed away.  Cee4life continues to work with Sri Lankan NGO’s for the conservation, protection and education for the animals.

Further investigations into Raju’s death continues.

First look at the sun-bears enclosure upgrade at Bandung Zoological Gardens

Renovation sunbear big cats

The upgrading of Bandung Zoological Gardens continues.  Above the Sun-bears exhibit under construction

Bandung Zoological Gardens is the first privately owned zoological garden in Indonesia to dedicate themselves

to a complete upgrade of the entire venue to include the five freedoms for the animals to

the best standard possible. The long anticipated sun bears enclosure is near completion and will open very soon.

Full as a boot

Animal abusers guilty of deliberate set up of Orangutan- Bandung Zoological Gardens


Atim – 17 years old Bandung Zoological Gardens

A female and male have been caught by security in Bandung Zoological Gardens after they threw a cigarette into the enclosure of one of the protected orangutans. While questioning the pair, it was found that they deliberately set out to abuse an orangutan by throwing a cigarette into the enclosure and making a video in the hope that it would go viral.  Further background checks are now being carried out on these abusers.  This is not the first time that this has happened at the Bandung Zoological Gardens.

The zoo has weathered a storm of abuse after misleading video was released in May 2016 claiming sun-bears were starving in the zoo. The video focused on one of the oldest sun-bears on earth and gave the public no context.  The film went viral and caused the most vile worldwide abuse upon the venue [which is in the process of massive upgrade] in recent history.  This was followed by numerous abusive emails and phone calls to Bandung Zoological Gardens and any organisation that was helping them.  Soon after, petitions were created with false and misleading information.  Fundraising campaigns were created by unknown entities said to help the “starving” sun-bears. One notable GoFundMe from a 2017 campaign raised $54000 US, however nothing was ever given to help any animals within Bandung.  In 2016, it was proven by Indonesian Zoos and Aquariums, that there were no starving animals in Bandung Zoological Gardens, however the viral abuse continues today.

An enormous amount of hatred was incited due to continuous false and misleading information being published via a petition on the Change.org platform, which has reached over 1 million people.   This incitement of hatred has caused a number of people to copy the actions of the original May 2016 viral film, and come into Bandung Zoological Gardens to set up the animals with forms of abuse and to film it.  This was then posted online coercing the public to believe that Bandung Zoological Gardens was doing this to their animals. Earlier this year, another orangutan named Ozone, was targeted and thrown a cigarette by yet another “film-maker” and that video went viral. This is animal abuse.

In this current situation, the orangutan that had the cigarette thrown at him is named Atim and has been at Bandung Zoological Gardens for 17 years.
Atim ate the cigarette.
The Veterinarians are keeping a watchful eye on him to ensure this has not impacted his health and that he does not have any negative reaction.  
There is a mindset in some people who think it is funny to give orangutans cigarettes. This mentality needs to be ended, if not by education then by prosecution, or both.
Once all background checks have been completed on the abusers of Atim the orangutan, they will prosecuted.

While we understand that there are many captive venues in the world that have very low standards and should be closed, to harass and bully a zoo in Indonesia (that has dedicated themselves to a massive upgrades and more) to such a vile extent, has nothing to do with care or help to these animals (that can not be released or re-homed), and everything to do with ignorance and self serving agenda’s.

Lastly, the GoFundMe site and Change.org platform need to enforce stricter protocols to prevent further fake fundraisers and petitions.

Further updates will be provided
Please stop hurting animals.

Media contact – cee4lifeinc@outlook.com


Critically Endangered Javanese Leopards of Bandung Zoological Gardens, INDONESIA


The critically endangered Javanese Leopards of Bandung Zoological Gardens update

Link – http://www.cee4life.org/current-projects/

Update on the Sunbears of Bandung Zoological Gardens

Full as a boot

Update on the Sunbears of Bandung Zoological Gardens

Link – http://www.cee4life.org/current-projects/

Bandung Zoological Gardens - Big cat enclosure renovations continue


Bandung Zoological Gardens continues renovations.  Big cat enclosure upgrades

Read more – http://www.cee4life.org/current-projects/


The Cyber Animal Case Studies


Cyber Animal3

The Cyber Animal Case Files – Cee4life
25th March 2018
Cee4life will be releasing a series of very interesting case studies on a different human threat to animals. The study is ongoing has been conducted over years and will look closely at the mechanisms, behavior, actions, threats and the impact of human cyber behavior which translates itself into real life mild to severe negative impacts on animals. The first case in this series of studies was possible due to a unique set of circumstances carried out very publicly online combined with the open access to the animals which were cyber targeted.
This series of case studies is eye opening while also being an educational opportunity to prevent further negative impacts upon animals due to cyber situations.
The first in the case study series will be released in the coming weeks.



Education Program Update Feb 2018

Please click on link to read more – http://www.cee4life.org/education-cee4life


Big Cat Enclosure Upgrades Feb 2018


More upgrades on enclosures for the big cats of Bandung Zoological Gardens

Read more here – http://www.cee4life.org/current-projects/


New Tiger Dens Finished Dec 2017


New tiger dens finished at Bandung Zoological Gardens

Read more here – http://www.cee4life.org/current-projects/

Mayor of Bandung, Ridwan Kamil, Opens Elephants Enclosures, Releases Songbirds, and Presents Certificates to Cee4life Educators

DSCF4349 DSCF4303

The Mayor of Bandung, Ridwan Kamil, officially opened the new elephants enclosure at Bandung Zoologicial Gardens, released the Songbirds back into the forests and presented Cee4life educators with their certificates

Read more here – http://www.cee4life.org/current-projects/  and here – http://www.cee4life.org/education-cee4life/

Education Program Update


New educators from our kindness and compassion to animals education programs at Bandung Zoo

Read more here – http://www.cee4life.org/education-cee4life/

Unchained - The Elephants of Bandung Zoological Gardens

IMG-20170918-WA0008 IMG-20170918-WA0009

The enclosures for the elephants of Bandung Zoological Gardens have been opened and the elephants Selma and Ira are free to roam at will. 

For more on this and other progress in Bandung Zoological Gardens, please go to http://www.cee4life.org/current-projects/

Bandung Zoological Gardens - Animals and Education Update July 2017

Beautiful girl

Bandung Zoological Gardens Latest Update July 2017 – http://www.cee4life.org/bandung-zoological-gardens-animals-and-education/

For all news on Bandung Zoo – http://www.cee4life.org/current-projects/

Tiger Temple Media and Updates

Digital Camera

See Media Releases  – http://www.cee4life.org/past-projects-investigative-reports/
Tiger Temple Report – http://www.cee4life.org/wp-content/uploads/cee4life_tiger-temple-report.pdf

Cee4life media contact



Bandung Zoo, INDONESIA 26/01/2017




Above photograph – 23 year old “Kardit” the Sunbear who is at the center of false starvation claims. Photograph taken 17/01/2017

Bandung Zoo, Indonesia – 26/01/2017

Cee4life Correspondent Report (CCR)

A video that was released by an Indonesian group on 16th May 2016, which was said to show “starving” bears,  has recently resurfaced and become a viral video causing outrage across the world with animal lovers.

Cee4life was contacted by numerous concerned members of the public and asked to assist.

After investigating these “starvation” claims,  Cee4life has found that these claims are false.

After communicating with Indonesian authorities, we can confirm that the video is old and from May 2016. The identity of who re-uploaded the video is unknown at this time. 

The situation is as follows:

* In mid 2015, the only Veterinarian that Bandung Zoo had, resigned due to lack of funds.  The owner and Chairman of Bandung Zoo carried on the best he could, however he became very ill by early 2016.

* The Minister of Environment and Forestry contacted the Perhimpunan Kebun Bintatang Se- Indonesia or PKBSI, (English translation – Indonesian zoos and Aquariums Association) asking if they could aid Bandung Zoo. PKBSI accepted and has been helping the animals of Bandung Zoo since May 2016.
* PKBSI has sent a team of Veterinarians from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine IPB , the Veterinary Association of Indonesia and a Veterinarian from Taman Safari Indonesia, in addition to curators and head keepers from Taman Safari Indonesia who brought medicine to help the animals of Bandung zoo.
* The Taman Safari Veterinarians rotate through Bandung Zoo 3 days per week until Bandung Zoo employs a Veterinarian of their own.
“Kardit” the Sunbear
There are 11 Sunbears in Bandung Zoo, all have had Veterinary checks and all are in good health.  In the original video, a specific sun-bear was identified who looked thinner than the others. This began the “starvation” commentary.
The sun-bear in question is named “Kardit” and he is 23 years old.  Kardit is nearly at the full lifespan age of a sun-bear (25 – 30 years) and has a normal physical condition of a bear this age. Kardit eats very well and is not starving. None of the bears or other animals are starving at this time.
The begging that is seen in the video is caused by tourists who have fed the bears. Tourists are not supposed to feed the bears, however many have and the bears have learned to reach out for food when tourists come by. This is a human caused problem that is prevalent in many zoo across SE Asia.
In conclusion, Bandung Zoo was in trouble, but since May 2016 it has been receiving aid from the Indonesian Zoo’s and Aquariums.  While the enclosures are not ideal, the animals are being fed and have received Veterinary aid since May 2016. Cee4life will endeavor to monitor the progress of the animals over the coming months to reassure the public that the animals are in good health. It was also found that even if the authorities wish to relocate the animals, there is simply no facility or sanctuary to house these animals at this time.
If there is a need to help out with aid, we will inform the public on this.
There are many photographs and film footage that circulates the internet.  It can be very upsetting, however it may not be what it presents as. We highly advise that if you see this type of video please contact Cee4life or any other organisation or authority.  Cee4life will always endeavor to investigate the facts.
Kardits exhibit 2
Part of Kardits exhibit – (Note: Sunbear in tree is not Kardit”  Sunbears are rotated though this exhibit)
Team in Bandung
The team of Veterinarians, curators and head keepers from Faculty of Veterinary Medicine IPB ,
the Veterinary Association of Indonesia and Taman Safari Indonesia aiding Bandung Zoo since May 2016
Cee4life media
Please donate to help Cee4life continue our work – http://www.cee4life.org