Not-For-Profit Organisation

Cee4Life is Conservation and Environmental Education 4 Life Incorporated association, or Cee4Life Inc. We are a registered not-for-profit organisation (registered in Victoria, Australia) and a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) from 2013.

We will also be incorporated in Queensland, Australia, in 2016.

Being a Not-for-profit means the organisation is managed by an Executive Committee (also called the Executive Board, or simply the Board or Committee), and that the funds raised for the organisation is only used for carrying out the functions and missions of the organisation. No individual member shall receive personal profit or gain from the funding or operations of the organisation. Operations of the organisation is guided by a constitution of Rules, which can be found via the Consumer Affairs Victoria database –

Executive Committee

Michelle Cogley, President/Co-founder

Lani Gardiner, Director/Field officer

Gail Cooling, Treasurer

Sybelle Foxcroft, Founder/Field officer


Contact Cee4life


Phone: +61499276129


There are currently 2 general members in addition to the Committee members.
Members have responsibilities in attending general meetings and AGM’s, and have voting rights to the businesses and directions of the organisation. Supporters of Cee4Life can apply to become members by submitting a written application to a committee member, and membership will be granted or rejected by decision at a Committee meeting. There is no joining fee to be a member.

Cee4Life also has Associate members, who are either members under 15 years of age or a sub-category as decided by the Committee. Currently we have Associate members to include our special friends overseas, but who are not required to attend meetings to fill a quorum.

Star Supporters and Supporters

We are blessed with many kind and loyal supporters at Cee4Life. And with great work and vision, we hope to grow bigger with a strong community voicing for the conservation of wildlife and protection of our natural environments.

Star Supporters are supporters who make a regular monthly or quarterly donation to Cee4Life. They can enjoy receiving our quarterly newsletters to keep up with what Cee4Life is up to and how we are progressing. They are welcome to attend our general meetings, but are not required to fill a quorum.

Anyone who has contributed to the work of Cee4Life in volunteering or in donations is a supporter of Cee4Life. Members, Star Supporters and Supporters are part of the Cee4Life community. We appreciate you all! And we shall keep growing! Love and Protect Planet Earth