Ex Tiger Temple Killing Grounds to be Resurrected as a Rescue Center for " Street Cats and Dogs"

Ex Tiger Temple Killing Grounds to be Resurrected as a Rescue Center for ” Street Cats and Dogs”

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Photo on right multiple tigers crushed into jail cell enclosure at ex Tiger Temple Thailand

Reports have surfaced that the location of the now closed Tiger Temple in Sai Yok Province near Kanchanaburi, which had been killing, abusing and trafficking tigers for nearly 15 years, has begun construction for a new “dog and cat” rescue facility.  The facility aims to hold 1200 rescued cats and dogs. Former politicans, current politicans and a former leader of the “Young Turks” Maj Gen Chamlong, are some of the new foundation members. (see article) https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1780414/tiger-temple-to-adopt-cats-and-dogs?fbclid=IwAR2g3NuRGv3ns8GpCxOnD1NEjEt6iG33NfUudPwFcmhsv9wuHK_UXZEmzwY

If legitimate, we are in support of this new facility, in the hope that this new cat and dog rescue center will be authentic.  The concern only lays in the knowledge that the dog and cat meat trade, is still in demand in some areas of Thailand as reported by numerous organisations including the Humane Society  (see link)  http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/article/39577557/the-countries-where-people-still-eat-cats-and-dogs-for-dinner. , Soi Dog Organisation in Thailand, (see link) https://www.soidog.org/content/ending-dog-meat-trade and Four Paws (see link) https://www.four-paws.org.au/campaigns-topics/topics/companion-animals/tackling-the-cruel-dog-and-cat-meat-trade 

We hope that the brutal killing, abuse and trafficking grounds of the ex Tiger Temple, can be turned into a loving and kind facility for the rescue of street cats and dogs and the dark cloud that hangs over the killing grounds can be a source of something good.

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