Raju the Elephant – Sri Lanka


After 4 months of getting aid to Raju the elephant, we are very sad to announce that Raju passed away under very troubling circumstances.  We will endeavor to keep working with the Sri Lankan NGO’s to help in whatever way we can.  Further investigations into Raju’s death continues.

In March 2018, Cee4life were approached by a conservationist in Sri Lanka who was seeking aid to a wild elephant named Raju, who had been shot while foraging, and those bullets were still lodged in his legs. After a myriad of logistical problems, Raju received the Veterinary expertise in June 2018.   The complex operation to remove the bullets would be done in late July 2018 by the brilliant Veterinarians from Four Paws.  Sadly, due to troubling circumstances occurring between 30th June 2018 – 2nd July 2018, Raju passed away.  Cee4life will continue to work with Sri Lankan NGO’s for the conservation, protection and education for the animals.

Further investigations into Raju’s death continues.