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As most people are aware, Australia has, and still is, suffering from the most devastating fires in history that has taken the lives of humans and many homes, and killed approximately 1.25 billion animals/wildlife, however that number is only an estimate. The fires are still raging in area’s and the number of lost wildlife will grow.  Conservation and Environmental Education 4 Life (Cee4life) is now in the process of organising a deep search and rescue for wildlife.

What this means ie: “deep search and rescue”,  is that Cee4life will be on ground and working closely with the emergency services and will be going deep into forests on a search and rescue for any animals we can find, which could mean many kilometres into the burnt areas.  This will be a very physically challenging effort as alot will be done on foot, and there are risks involved.  We have already liaised with emergency services and at this point it is thought the fires will continue to burn for a few more weeks. With anything we do, we will ensure we stay in contact with the emergency services and incident control stations, to ensure that we ourselves do not become a statistic.

Cee4life has a property which we can take the lesser injured animals for rest, recuperation and then release, however if we find injured wildlife that requires more specialised care, will find the closest Veterinary Clinic or Animal Hospital and transport the injured animals.

The reason for a deep forest search is vital as so many species have been lost to these fires, we believe we must try to find any that may still be alive. Amazingly, some animals do survive and we will do our best to find them.  Our search and rescue will begin in the near future and we will continue as long as we have funding.  Our fundraising for this effort will be announced soon.

Additionally, there are numerous wildlife shelters that are not receiving support and we will try and find as many as we can and help as much as possible.

Please keep Australia in your thoughts and we will update again soon.

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