Grassroots protection of animals and the environment, ground level support and education, to preserve biodiversity and ecological sustainability

Welcome to Cee4life

Cee4Life is a grassroots Not-for-Profit Organisation with a portfolio covering important missions to do with wildlife protection and conservation in Australia, the Greater Asia and Asia-Pacific regions and other areas globally.

Reports and Investigations

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Current Projects

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Current Project - Conservation, Kindness and Compassion Education

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Our Vision

We, as humans, strive to live in
a compassionate world,
enriched with biodiversity,
in harmony with each other and with wildlife.

Everyone, as global citizens from all backgrounds, live with awareness that wildlife and environmental health is vital to both humanity and the health of Planet Earth.

Current Projects


Goals 2018 - 2019


  • Conservation and education action projects in SE Asia and India
  • Conservation of native Australian wildlife
  • Rescue and rehabilitation of injured native species (Australian and International) – rescue, rehabilitation and release (where possible).  When release is not possible due to injuries, a ethical home/sanctuary is to be found.
  • Partnership with other NGO’s
  • Wildlife monitoring
  • Wild animal protection
  • Environmental restoration and re-vegetation
  • Aid for captive animals implementing the Five Freedoms
  • Community support programs
  • Human/animal conflict prevention program
  • Ground support for Rangers
  • Seabird rescue
  • Community clean up and monitoring of marine areas. Removal and disposal of fishing line and other litter. Education when possible
  • Assistance to any negative animal situation to the best of our abilities. 




Moral Code


promotes a healthy lifestyle with no consumption of animals,

is against the wearing of animal furs, skins or any body part  (even if its legal),

is against the use of any product containing animal elements or endangered habitat,

will always promote and strive to educate compassion and understanding to all living creatures that we share this planet with,

will strive to protect and educate on the importance of our environment,

will diplomatically but fiercely promote the rights of any animal,

will strive to educate humans to be humane,

will find every door that will open up a peaceful existence for animals,

will always be fair and understanding towards humans that have no choice but to live in wild animal habitat areas, but we will strive to educate the needs, rights and reasons of why animals are to live in peace and without fear,

will always be fair and understanding towards humans that house captive animals, but we will pursue the Five Freedoms for those animals until highest level of sanctuary available is reached,

will strive to find the best scientific information and studies to support animals prospering,

will not hesitate to act on humans who are abusing animals,

will help any animal, of any species or living environment that is in need, to the best of our abilities.



Cee4life does not promote the euthanisation of any animal.  It is our policy to save as many animals as possible and rehabilitate for release or rehome.

Euthanisation will only be considered if the animal has any or all of the following criteria:

  • If the animal has sustained severe injuries, in pain, has no healing capabilities, and no quality of life,

  • If the animal has a crippling disease that has left it unable to rebound to health leaving it with no quality of life,

  • If the animal has a disease that causes rapid degeneration/pain/reduces quality of life or is a threat to native species population,

  • If a Veterinarian has investigated all possible treatment and the animal continues to deteriorate and suffer.




Kangaroo Abuse Russia

A Russia circus uses this Australian Kangaroo in vile humiliating and cruel act.

See article – Abuse of Kangaroo in Russian Circus

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