Grassroots protection of animals and the environment, ground level support and education, to preserve biodiversity and ecological sustainability


Welcome to Cee4life

Cee4Life is a grassroots Not-for-Profit Organisation with a portfolio covering important missions to do with wildlife protection and conservation in Australia, the Greater Asia and Asia-Pacific regions and other areas globally.

The Tiger Temple Investigations

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Education Programs

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Zoo Nightmare

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Our Vision

We, as humans, strive to live in
a compassionate world,
enriched with biodiversity,
in harmony with each other and with wildlife.

Everyone, as global citizens from all backgrounds, live with awareness that wildlife and environmental health is vital to both humanity and the health of Planet Earth.

Current Projects


  • Assisting the street cat population with humane care, rescue, and rehome when possible. This project incorporates trapping, Vet checks, taming, rehoming discarded urban street cats to ensure lowered impact on native species population and humane aid to the homeless cat population.
  • Rescue, rehabilitation and release of injured marine species
  • Community clean up and monitoring of marine front bike pathways and immediate beach front areas and fishing spots. Disposal of fishing line and other litter in appropriate bins.
  • Education to the fishing community on best practice conservation – effects of discarded fishing line in the marine environment, methods for disposal of fishing line
  • Assisting homeless dogs shelter with various care needs and rehome when possible
  • Rehabilitation of injured native species – rescue, rehabilitation and release (where possible).  When release is not possible due to injuries, a ethical home/sanctuary is found for them.



Cee4life does not promote the euthanisation of any animal.  It is our policy to save as many animals as possible and rehabilitate for release or rehome.

Euthanisation will only be considered if the animal has any or all of the following criteria:

* If the animal has sustained severe injuries, in pain, has no healing capabilities, and no quality of life, 

* If the animal has a crippling disease that has left it unable to rebound to health leaving it with no quality of life,

* If the animal has a disease that causes rapid degeneration/pain/reduces quality of life or is a threat to native species population,  

* If a Veterinarian has investigated all possible treatment and the animal continues to deteriorate and suffer.



Upcoming 2017

Thailand, Indonesia and India education programs and wildlife assistance – More information these projects soon



Bandung Zoo, INDONESIA

Cee4life has been in contact with Indonesian authorities to help the animals in Bandung Zoo.  A small team will be travelling to the zoo in the couple weeks to meet

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Digital Camera

Tiger Temple Latest News

Latest News

Illegal Tiger Body Parts Purchased in Tiger Temple Seized in Australia – See full article http://www.cee4life.org/illegal-tiger-body-parts-purchased-at-tiger-temple-thailand-confiscated-in-australia/

Follow all developments on Tiger Temple case here – http://www.cee4life.org/the-tiger-temple-report/

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Cee4life Events 2017

Wildlife and Education progam/event for India 2017
Wildlife and Education program/event for Thailand 2017
Animal welfare and education program/event Australia 2017
Ongoing rescue work

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